How It Works

Most families book in the second trimester. This gives us time to get to know each other and help you build out your birth plan if you feel stuck on what to include or what to prepare. This is the time we discuss all possible ways of giving birth and how I can best serve you in the months ahead. I only book 2 clients for birth a month so please contact me as soon as you can.

What Can I Expect?

-Attend labor wherever you plan for it to occur (even at home before hospital)
-Documentary style shooting with silent camera shutter
-Mom's preference for crowning (mom's perspective, doctor or midwife perspective, nurse perspective/capturing dad's reaction)
-Stay approximately 2 hours after birth to include baby’s first exam and dad’s first time holding baby
-Images ready in approx. 2 weeks, images are never shared without your permission

What you didn't realize you get

Let me be real with you for a minute. My pregnancies were not a walk in the park, between intense heartburn and severe sciatica I was pretty miserable and did not glow. My labours were not routine and in fact I ended up being a 3 time c-section champion.
What I learned through this was that we definitely can not do this mom thing by ourselves and we really do need a team of people around us for support. The nice thing about having people in your life that you're not intimately involved with is that they hold different perspectives. What I have found by investing so much of myself in your birth is that we end up getting close, really close.
When you have fear keeping you up at night, text me. When your world is crumbling because you got a diagnosis you were not expecting, call me. When you take 7892 photos of you're newborn sleeping, send me at least three.
It's not just birth photography that you're investing in, it's a whole culture of empowerment, connection and commitment.


Ready to love your birth?