Where is your studio?

A.My studio is located in the heart of downtown London across from Victoria Park.

Do I have to purchase my images?

A.You are under zero obligation to purchase a product collection either before or after your session.
The collections are available to you so that you can enjoy your images that you worked so hard to create. My session fee does not include any images either printed or digital.

Do you retouch and edit my images?

A.Every image that you order as apart of your collection will be colour corrected, and adjusted as necessary. You however will be left completely untouched!!
My studio is retouch free, which means that all the wonderful parts of your body that make you you will be left alone and celebrated! We do not remove cellulite, stretch marks, scars (unless requested), or shrink or enhance any part of you. We do however remove anything that would heal on it's own within 2 weeks, such as pimples, acne, scratch, cut, dark eye circles, red bumps from waxing or shaving.
Your body is stunning and your are perfectly perfect exactly as you are today! It is my job to make you see that and hopefully help you embrace this amazing body you have!

Is your studio accessible?

A.Unfortunately my studio is only accessible via 2 flights of stairs, there is not a wheelchair or lift device.
However, I am available to shoot you in a space that is more accessible to you, either in your own home, or at a location of your choosing such as an accessible hotel room or airbnb.
I always want to be available to everyone, because everybody deserves boudoir, so do not let my studio's location deter you, we can work together to make something awesome happen!
(Note: I will also bring my studio wardrobe in the sizes you need as well as hair and makeup to you or the location you have chosen!)

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